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UFCT - click for detail Universal Fiber Continuity Tester
This handy tester is compact and with ergonomic design for ultimate portability. It has high powered laser (1mW) for single-mode (>7Km) and multi-mode (>5Km) connectors. It is suitable for all 2.5mm connectors (FC, SC, ST, FDDI, ESCON) and 1.25mm connectors (LC, MU). Click for more details.
VFL1 - click for detail Visual Fault Locator
This remote unit style Visual Fault Locator allows testing of single and multi mode fibers for 2.5mm application. It is used for quick visual fault finding in cables breaks of 2.5mm with all types of connectors of up to 10Km distance.
VFL - click for detail Universal Visual Fault Locator
This innovative Universal Visual Fault Locator allows testing of simplex and duplex fibers for 2.5mm and 1.25mm application. It is used for quick visual fault finding in cables breaks of 2.5mm, 1.25mm with all types of connectors.
WLPS - click for detail WDM Light Path Protection Switch 
Designed for WDM bi-directional path restoration with automatic optical switching within 25 ms. Provide Optical Path Protection for Gigabit Ethernet, CATV, PDH, Video, Point-to-point / Long haul optical systems, and Metropolitan optical network.
LPPS - click for detail Light Path Protection Switch
For the dedicated resource restoration scheme in a survivable optical network with fast restoration time (<25 ms) plus guarantee on the restoration ability.
Media Converter - click for detail Media Converter
As networks challenges for cabling bandwidth, distance and security grow network upgrades can become costly undertaking. These Media Converters will extend the productive life of your legacy wiring plant and networking equipment by simply and cost-effectively bridging the gap between coax, copper and fiber optic media types.
Optical Dual Light Source - click for detail Optical Dual Light Source
This light handheld light source makes life lot easier with five changeable adaptors for the most common 2.5mm and 1.25mm connectors. There are two versions, one is 850 / 1300nm LED multimode and the other is 1310 / 1550nm LD singlemode.
FWDM - click for detail Filter WDM
One of the core component in the FTTH architecture. Its exceptional bandpass performance and bidirectional feature make it applicable at ONT and OLT equipment unit.
PLCS - click for detail PLC Splitter
One of the key component in FTTH which is responsible to distribute the signal from CO to numbers of premises. This highly stable splitter provides low insertion loss, low input polarization sensitivity, excellent uniformity and low return loss in configuration of 1x4, 1x8, 1x16, 1x32 port

WDM light path protection switch design for WDM bi-directional path restoration
Optical Dual Light Source for singlemode or multimode...


Universal Fiber Contiuity Tester - UFCT
Reference Patchcord
Visual Fault Locator
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