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    Why and How FTTH?
Fiber optic has been recognized as the best media to support high bandwidth capacity over long distance and local access optical distribution network. Fiber-to-the-home, FTTH are deployed as the most reliable and feasible solution to meet the demand of domestic communication entertainment services, including broadband internet access, high-definition television, direct broadcast satellite television etc. In North America, there is a large market share between 800K to 1.4 millions users in 2004. This market will continue to grow at over 200% annually with over few hundreds operational projects in place.

FTTH technology is best to solve this "Last Mile" bottleneck. Needless to mention about the benefits of FTTH, on the other side, it involves very high costs to provide fiber optic services directly to residence by connection each "Home" to central office. These costs include massive number of active components, fiber optic cables and expensive installation & maintenance fee.

FTTH technology emerges and addresses this by using alternative solution. A passive optical network (PON) is developed for allowing numerous clients to share the same fiber connector, without any active components installed. The setup includes, but not limited to, wavelength division multiplexing and splitting distribution network design.

To cope with the popularity and issues related to FTTH, we have a wide range of products, equipment and testers that are suitable for your FTTH applications. You will be assured to find the right solution to suit your needs here.

--- Fiber to the Home Technology ---

FTTH Connects
Filter WDM
WDM is one of the core component in the FTTH architecture.
PLC Splitter
Splitter is another key component in FTTH to distribute the signal from CO to numbers of premises

FTTH Equipment
MTRJ Universal Visual Fault Locator
Innovative VFL is used for quick visual fault finding in cables breaks of 2.5mm, 1.25mm with all types of connectors.
Light Path Protection Switch
Light Path Protection Switch offers optical restoration scheme to realize a survivable optical network.
WDM Light Path Protection Switch
WLPS protects a bi-directional WDM network both in point-to-point and ring configurations.
More coming  ...
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