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MTRJ Universal Visual Fault Locator

  • Small size and lightweight

  • Find breaks, bad splices, tight crimp, faulty splice and bad connection

  • Suitable for both singlemode and multimode fiber MTRJ patchcord

  • 650nm lasing wavelength provides a good balance of visibility and transmission range

  • Suitable for all 2.5mm and 1.25mm ferrule diameter connectors with the use of MTRJ universal adaptor


MTRJ visual Fault Locator

Testing/Reference Patchcords

Reference Patchcords

  • Geometric property exceeds Telcordia GR326

  • Insertion loss < 0.15dB
    Return loss > 55dB

  • Comes with DORC quality report

  • Unique serial no. tag on each testing patchcord

  • Available with FC, SC, ST, LC, MU connectors

Light Path Protection Switch

  • Automatic optical switching within 25 ms

  • Independent of transmission rate and format

  • Monitoring on both primary/secondary paths

  • Exceeds 40 dB monitoring dynamic range

  • Alarm/status notification via Fax/On-Screen Alert, Email, SMS message

  • Accessible via the internet and dial-up


Light Path Protection Switch

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