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MT / MTP / MPO    

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MT / MTP / MPO Patchcords

MT / MTP / MPO patchcords are suitable for high density connection application. The MT connector has two alignment pins to align the ferrule with a clamp spring to fix the connector pairs. The MPO (Multifiber Push-On) adopts MT connector ferrules. Connection intergrity is provided by the spring action side latch housing and alignment is achieved with high precision guide pins. MT / MTP / MPO connectors employ thermoplastic ferrule, able to hold 4, 8, 12, 24 fibers. There is no need to use matching material for connector mating, due to the fiber protrusion that provide physical contact. Connectors without guide pins are also available.

Features :

  • Compliant with IEC 61754-7, TIA FOCIS 5/604-5
  • Available in bare, ruggedized fiber ribbon and fan-out cord
  • Low Insertion Loss and High Return Loss
  • High precision guide pins for exact alignment
  • Precision thermoplastic ferrule
  • Available in Singlemode or Multimode, UPC or APC polishing

Quality Assurance:

Insertion loss and Return loss

Insertion loss is the lost associated with a mated connector pair. Return loss is defined as the ratio of light reflected at the mated connector pair over the incident light. Both the Insertion loss and Return loss are given in logarithmic scale. All patchcords are 100% tested for insertion loss and return loss.
Geometric Requirements DORC ZX-1 Array is employed to measure the geometric parameters of the polished enface. The key parameters include radius of curvature, fiber height, apex offset, fiber and ferrule roughness. Geometric requirements are important to maintain the physical contact between mated connectors.


Insertion Loss (dB)
< 0.75
< 0.75
< 0.5
Return Loss (dB)
> 65
> 50
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