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MTRJ Adaptor   

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There are various kinds of optical connectors available in today changing market; each has its own adaptor for interconnection. Since MTRJ connector is a duplex connector, there are instances to interconnect fibers in the MTRJ connector to different interfaces. This requires a MTRJ hybrid patchcord (e.g. MTRJ to FC) as well as appropriate adaptors for the fiber interfaces. In practice field engineers may need to prepare different types of hybrid patchcords and adaptors in order to interconnect different types of connectors.

We introduce a family of novel MTRJ hybrid Universal adaptors*, which include MTRJ-Universal Adaptor, MTRJ-2.5mm ferrules Duplex Adaptor and MTRJ-1.25mm ferrules Duplex Adaptor. MTRJ-Universal Adaptor features a male MTRJ connector on one side and a 2.5mm ferrule universal interface (for FC, SC, ST connectors) as well as a 1.25mm ferrule universal interface (for LC and MU connectors). MTRJ-2.5mm ferrule duplex and MTRJ-1.25mm ferrule duplex adaptors consist of two identical ferrule universal interfaces which are designed to fit most duplex connectors (e.g., FC, SC, ST, LC and MU connectors), respectively.

Together with our MTRJ Visual Fault Locator (MVFL), you can test almost all kinds of simplex and duplex optical interfaces. The MTRJ adaptors family is available in singlemode and multimode versions.


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* MTRJ hybrid Universal adaptors provide temporary interconnection at the 2.5 / 1.25mm ferrule side; they do not provide latching mechanism for permanent connection.

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