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Optical Dual Light Source   

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Optical Dual Light Source

This handheld light source makes life a lot easier not only becasuse it is light and stylish, it also comes with five changeable adaptors so that one can basically test with the most common 2.5mm and 1.25mm connectors such as SC, FC, ST, LC, and MU. These adaptors are commonly available in the market for replacement.

This ODLS is a handheld dual wavelength light source with only one optical port. It has no LCD display and can easily be controlled by a push of the button. The position of the switches determine the wavelength and modulation, you can operate the tester in the dark without worrying about the reading the display as in other LCD testers.

Two versions are available, 850 /1300nm LED version and 1310 / 1550nm LD version. On the singlemode unit, the 1310nm and 1550nm lasers are driven by automatic power control circuits, which eliminate the degradation of the output power due to aging as well as temperature compensated circuits to keep the output power stable. Users can choose to operate under continuous wave (CW), 270Hz or 2KHz modulation.

This ODLS only uses two AA size batteries in order to keep the device light and small, yet delivers a graceful 30 hours of non-stop CW emission. With Automatic Power Off function being enabled, the tester will turn off automatically in 8 minutes and will awake by pressing the Automatic Power Off again. A low battery indicator is implemented to alert users when the batteries should be replaced. A durable nylon pouch is provided for protection, as well as keeping all universal adaptors handy.


  • Very small size and lightweight
  • Easy to operate, no need to read LCD display - just operate with a single push of switches
  • A single unit to test both 1.25mm and 2.5mm connectors
  • No proprietary hard-to-find and expensive accessories - we use common available universal adaptors
  • Operate in either CW, 270Hz and 2KHz, with individual LED indicators
  • Low battery indicator.
  • Automatic Power Off switch and status indicator


Model *1       83M                        35S
Emitter type       LED                         Laser
Center Wavelength (nm)    850+/-25                     1310+/-20
  1300+/-50                    1550+/-20
Spectral Width (nm) *2    50 / 135 *3                  <=5
Output Power (dBm) *4    >=-18                         >=-4
Power Stability (dB) *5    +/-0.15                       +/-0.15
Power supply *6 2 X "AA" sized batteries
Dimensions (mm) 175 x 45 x 34
Weight (g) *7 170
Connector type *8 FC, SC, ST, LC, MU
Battery life time *9 30 hours
Operating temperature (oC) -0 to +55
Storage Temperature (oC) -40 to +75
Relative Humidity 0% to 95% (non-condensing)
Safety Class 1
Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

1. All specifications are valid at 23C

2. Full Width Half Max (FWHM) for LED, RMS for Lasers
3. Typical values
4. CW Power launched into 62.5/125um MM fiber for LED model and 9/125um SM fiber for Laser model. With modulation, average LED power reduced by 3 dB
5. Values measured after 8 hours with initial 15 minutes warm-up time
6. 1.5V Alkaline or rechargeable NiCad / NiMH batteries.
7. With batteries
8. With interchangeable adaptors that come with the unit
9. Based on Alkaline batteries under CW operation at 25C. Battery lifetime is subject to the battery type and brand

Ordering Information

Part No. CAD$
850/1300nm LED (62.5/125um) * ODLS-83M *
1310/1550nm Laser (9/125um) ODLS-35S $799.00
SC/FC Universal Adaptor SUA-FC $5.90
SC/ST Universal Adaptor SUA-ST $5.90
SC/SC Universal Adaptor SUA-SC $5.90
SC/LC Universal Adaptor SUA-LC $35.90

* No stock at this stage. Optional choices of Wilcom Optical LED 850nm Source,   or EXFO models are available. Email us for details.

Each ODLS unit comes with a user manual, nylon pouch, wrist strap and one SC/SC universal adaptor

For ODLS-35 ordering, click button below:
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